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Live in the Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is live, and Baby Timer and Contraction Timer are available for download in it. Amazon is a great company and it will be fun to have another way to distribute my Android apps. Let me know if anyone has a good or bad experience finding/installing Baby Timer or Contraction timer on the Amazon store!

New Baby Timer

The latest version of Baby Timer is available for download in iTunes. This version adds support for restoring a previously-backed up DB to your device. Which is useful if you want to move your data from one device to another, or if something happens to your phone and you need to restore a backup. To restore a backup, go to the Stats tap and tap "backup/export" on the upper right. Then tap the "Wifi" button and you'll be able to either download or upload a backup from a web browser. Let me know if anyone has questions about it.

When you upload a database, you can choose to replace the device's data or to merge the new data with your device's data. Merging is useful if you have entered data in your new device that you don't want to lose, or if you have two devices that you want to keep in sync with each other.

Word Soup Update

I'm pleased to announce that the latest version of Word Soup is available for download. This update adds Canadian and British spellings to the app. Now, depending on your phone's locale, the app will use either American, Canadian, or British spellings as it generates anagrams. I tried to map locales to spellings accordingly (i.e. Australia and the UK get British spellings, etc.) but please let me know if the app is using the wrong list for your country. Thanks!

MilkMaid Update

I'm happy to announce that a new version of Milk Maid is out! This adds a few features that had been requested in the app comments and also allows you to upload a previously backed up database. You can use this to restore a backup after your phone gets lost or erased, or move your Milk Maid data from one device to another. You can also use this to merge two databases together. I hope you like it and thanks for the feedback, both in email and via the App Store.

The database restore is making its way to Baby Timer too -- an update is in review with Apple right now that adds that feature to that app as well.

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