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New Baby Timer

March 17, 2011 8:50PM[link]

The latest version of Baby Timer is available for download in iTunes. This version adds support for restoring a previously-backed up DB to your device. Which is useful if you want to move your data from one device to another, or if something happens to your phone and you need to restore a backup. To restore a backup, go to the Stats tap and tap "backup/export" on the upper right. Then tap the "Wifi" button and you'll be able to either download or upload a backup from a web browser. Let me know if anyone has questions about it.

When you upload a database, you can choose to replace the device's data or to merge the new data with your device's data. Merging is useful if you have entered data in your new device that you don't want to lose, or if you have two devices that you want to keep in sync with each other.

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