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Thank you for your interest in the Anagram Blaster! Anagram Blaster is an app that creates anagrams of the word or phrase you enter. You can type in your name, other people's names, the name of your workplace or school, the name of famous products or brands, and see anagrams of it. It's fun! You can share the funny ones on facebook directly from the app.

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Anagram Blaster currently only understands English, however it uses either a US-English dictionary, UK-English dictionary, or Canadian English dictionary and chooses the dictionary to use based on the phone's locale settings. (And it attempts to guess where it's not obviously one of those three -- so it uses UK spellings for Austrialia for example.) Let me know if you'd like to see other languages or other variants of English and I will try to get them into a future version of the app. The word list is from the SCOWL project and is Copyright 2000-2011 by Kevin Atkinson.

Send questions, suggestions, and other comments to anagrams at earlybirdsoftware dot com. Thanks!

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