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Moving Your Milk Maid Database

I've gotten a couple questions about moving a milkmaid database from one device to another, so I thought I'd write some instructions here. To move a database, you'll need the two devices, a computer (desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac, it doesn't matter), and a WiFi hotspot that all three are on.

On the "from" device, tap Export and then WiFi. You'll see an address on the screen. On the computer, enter that address into your web browser. Download the "milkmaid.db" file near the bottom of the web page.


Then, repeat the steps on the "to" device: tap Export, then Wifi. Browse to the address you see on the screen. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a place to upload the milkmaid.db file.


Upload the file you downloaded previously and push submit.


Then, on the screen of the to device, you'll see options to replace the to-device DB or merge the two together.

Replace DB

Choose whichever you want!


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